CIMS – conference information management system

I was asked to do some assistance with data management for the upcoming conference on radioactivity in the environment in Bergen last summer. I have ended up making a kind of CIMS Conference Information Management System.

  • Handling of abstracts,
    • first registration
    • review and rating
    • Final acceptance or refusal
  • News for the conference front page

The system is running on php / mysql (even though my favourites in that area are perl and postgresql, but the availability of those among ISPs made a compromise neccessary..) The served web pages are (supposed to be) conforming to strict XHTML 1.0 making use of javascript, but gracefully disgrading if javascript is not available.


  • Make it possible for authors to register themself and abstracts
  • Pages to review logs
  • Better overview for administrators of the rating process
  • And probably some other things that I have yet not thought about

Some screenshots and more info

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