Folding@home debian startup

This init script makes ‘the foldinator utilities’ start up automatically on boot. It is tested on debian, but should also work on other linux-distros especially the debian-derived, such as ubuntu, kubuntu etc. and probably *BSD as well. It is based on the standard init scripts in debian.

Define the system user fah, the user must have a valid shell, but do not need a password.

adduser --system --home /var/cache/fah --shell /bin/bash 

any more restricted or restrictable shell will also probably work.

Download the linux binaries from folding@home.. Put the executable (presently FAH502-Linux.exe or FAH504-Linux.exe) in fah’s home directory and make it executable.

chmod +x /var/cache/fah 

Download the init script, save it as /etc/init.d/fah and make it executable

Make links from /etc/rc.d/:

ln -s /etc/init.d/fah /etc/rc2.d/S90fah

To start up the first time, the utilit must be run interactively. As root:

cd /var/cache/fah
su fah -c ./FAH502-Linux.exe

(or whatever is the current version) answer the questions that comes up. Remember, if you do not join a group now, the points will not ever be transfered to the group, even if you join one later on.

kill the foldinator:

killall FAH502-Linux.exe

Start the foldinator:

/etc/init.d/fah start

Check that it runs:

ps -u fah



The latter shall (normally) show the folder as one of the highest entry when sorted by cpu-usage

If you for some reason wants to use another directory or user name, the line(s)

export DIRECTORY=/var/cache/fah

in the starup-script should be adjusted accordingly

Disclaimer: It works just fine for me, but I cannot guarantee it will not reformat your cpu, fry your hdd or detune your guitar. Use on own risk

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