Bass stand

Some people claims that I am collecting far too much junk… Today I found a use for an approx 80 x 40 cm piece of MDF that I had left downstairs since I renovated the kitchen some years ago:
The start of it all. I used my Hercules bass stand to get some ideas of how much I should tilt the bass in the stand


The total height of the stand is to be 38 cm (the adjusted size of the piece of fibre board). As one side of the MDF has a cover, it is important to make the two parts mirrored.

Swearwords! my circular saw is too whimpy to cut this piece of fibreboard.
Too thick fibreboard
I recall having the same problems when using it initially…. Had to resort to other saws to finalize the cutting..

The first side is cut, and the acid test is, will the bass tip over backwards when placed in the to-be-stand…
Testing point of gravity
Seems to go well, it was even possible to get it to rest in a half stand, althought it was not too difficult to tip it over and the bridge seemed to get some weight that I didn’t like. When finished, I’ll put in some kind of foam to protect the bass better.

Both pieces being prepared
Both pieces are cut out and the surface preparation is started.

A router is a handy tool to make a place for the hinge.
Hinge put in
If I had had the least of experience, I would have done this before starting on the surface job… The hinge was something that I just had sitting there, waiting for a reasonable usage.

I’ll add some kind of measure to limit how much the hinge can open before taking the stand in real use.

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