svn copy problem

Being a bit to eager when cleaning up a repository, I managed to remove a file too many from revision control. I still had the file sitting around, so I just readded it – but then the revision history had gone… I found a quite promising post at Markphip’s blog, but when I tried to follow that description,

svn copy -r498 -m “Restore history” file

(revision 499 was the one with the unfortunate remove) svn told me that “svn: Unable to find repository location for ‘file:///home/users/radioecology/svn
/AMAPds/branches/mobilweb/’ in revision 498”

No idea why, it definiately was there..

I am using Syntevos SmartSVN foundation as a front end on windows, tried to do a Modify -> copy within repository – that did not work either. At last I came across the mention of peg revisions and one
” svn cp file:///home/users/radioecology/svn/AMAPds/branches/mobilweb/ file:///home/users/radioecology/svn/AMAPds/branches/mobilweb/ -m “Restore”
” later and the file and history was back.No idea why the others did not work. Seems like a bit of black magic within svn – or maybe someone can explain exactly what happened.

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