Java waterfall plot applet

This applet, still under development, is for making scientific waterfall plots, e.g. a time series of spectra. As time goes, new spectra are put on the top, the old ones ‘runs off’ at the bottom. Together with some other pieces of software, this is made for presentation of data from an Exploranium system for mobile gamma measurements, but it should also be usable for other applications.

Waterfall plot java applet

This applet is a reimplementation of a system written using php and javascript. The problem with the old implementation is that the plot had to be completely re-rendered for each new spectrum which put a far too high load on the server.

php and java script waterfall plot

Features to be sooner or later implemented in the java applet includes:

  • Output of pictures
  • Presetting data to be loaded on startup
  • Choose data set to display 100108 – 100112
  • Set the max value to display at run time ok 100107
  • Play forwards and backwards play and paging forwards, paging backwards 100107
  • High and low speed ok 100107
  • Make marks in the waterfall plot ok 100109
  • Save marks for later analyses ok 100111
  • Link to a detailed specter for the mark ok 100111
  • Fine tuning of which specter is marked ok 100114
  • Choose between linear (as today) or logaritmic scale ok 100112
  • Link to meta information on the data set ok 100119

The applet is licenced under GPL v3 or later. Source code can be downloaded from, and

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