dmistore – database

A database to store dmidecode information. Upload through a php-script, store in a postgres database. This is intended to be a tool for those who, like me, has quite a few PCs at home, and most of them are received second hand.

Information may be uploaded using curl:

dmidecode > dmidecode.dat
curl --form Datafil=@dmidecode.dat --form system=$HOSTNAME http://<host>/dmistore/upload.php

So far: Upload, view of single system and database schema.

The database is designed like

System (computers) -< header -< item -< subitem

where header is e.g.

Handle 0x0100, DMI type 1, 25 bytes
System Information

An item may be:

Runtime Size: 64 kB

Where “Runtime Size” and “64 kB” are split and stored in different fields

and subitems are what typically is listed under Characteristics eg

PCI is supported


  1. Make reports of all systems,
    1. CPU + RAM + max ram
  2. mysql compatible (although postgres is, and will be my main data base system)

Note: There is a wrong schema.sql in v 0.2, the correct one can be found here (please do not bookmark this link, it will soon change).

Version 0.2 Using Collapsible lists to make the list more readable. Changed name to dmistore.

Version 0.1 – upload should work. Needs postgresql (i’m running on 8.4, but most reasonably recent version should work) php 5.x and the smarty templating library.

If anyone can use anything from here, I would appreciate feedback.

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