mapserver removed on debian

Edit: By now (october 2011) the dependencies are fixed and mapserver can again be installed through a normal apt-get install cgi-mapserver and it will survive upgrades.

During a dist-upgrade on my wheezy/sid debian system, cgi-mapserver turned out to be removed. That was by no means intende by me… The culprit turned out to be the upgrade from libdap10 to libdap11. I have not found out what this library is intended to to, but searching around a bit, it seems like libdap11 should be downward compatible with libdap10. I.e. the mapserver package should have been updated to be able to live with libdap11, but I have no time now to wait for a new version. I am not running mapserver on a production machine, but I use it for some testing, so far it has worked fine for me. If you have the same problems, follow this description on your own risk, don’t do this if you do not understand the risks!

All the following must be done as root: (following a sudo -i or su -) # symbols the prompt, all things after the # should be on one line.

  1. Fake a libdap10 library.
    # ln -s /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/ /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/

    Now the library will be found by programs that looks for the
  2. Reinstall libdapclient3. This has a dependency of libdap10, so it cannot be installed through the normal apt-get. First download it:
    # apt-get download libdapclient3
    Then install it, forcing it to ignore dependencies (Be sure first that libdap10 is the only non-satisfied dependency, by doing a normal apt-get install)
    # dpkg --force-depends --install libdapclient3_3.11.1-9_i386.deb
  3. Do the same thing with the libdapserver7 and cgi-mapserver:
    # apt-get download libdapserver7
    # dpkg --force-depends --install libdapserver7_3.11.1-9_i386.deb
    # apt-get download cgi-mapserver
    # dpkg --force-depends --install cgi-mapserver_5.6.6-2_i386.deb
  4. Other modules such as *-mapscript may be installed the same way

After this the cgi-mapserver should be in service again. The version numbers of the files may of cource change.
Disclaimer: This will cause problems with upgrades until a new version of cgi-mapserver with the correct dependencies is released. apt-get -f install will remove cgi-mapserver again.

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